Ring Up More Profits by Implementing IP Based Access Control Solution

The retail business is as challenging as ever to win customers away from web only retailers and remain profitable with brick and mortar cost structures. The ability to control inventory shrinkage from both internal and external threats will often determine if a retail business survives on a razor thin margin. The element of cash transactions and high employee turnover compound the challenges in successful retailing. Using new security technology tools, including biometric access control and IP video surveillance, provide the fundamental protection tools to survive and thrive in retail today. Retail loss prevention solutions must be simple to use, affordable and highly reliable to be effective to business owner and their managers.



The F6 and F18 stand-alone biometric readers offer a cost effective and manageable solution to tighter inventory controls with high employee turnover. Biometric enrollment is fast, has greater integrity, and has control and audit trail capabilities for business owners. The ZKTeco Network Video Surveillance Systems provide an accessible video record of retail events with a wider variety of cameras and accessories using high quality IP megapixel video cameras at very affordable pricing.


• Standardization of security products
• Tight budgets for security products
• Competition from the Internet
• Competition from larger competitors
• Delivering customer service at good prices
• Managing multiple sites
• High employee turnover rates
• Continual training new employees and managers
• Shrinkage of inventory steals profits from internal and external theft



• Effective loss prevention tools
• High reliability and availability of security coverage and data
• Tighter controls on inventory
• Audit trails to prosecute theft
• Simple to operate loss prevention systems
• Cost effective standardization of security tools