End-to-end Security Integrity

The supply chain incorporates all of these market segments, bridging all the logistics from factory to shelves at home or at work. Lean manufacturing, the result of Six Sigma methodology, has streamlined manufacturing processes to eliminate waste while improving quality. This trend reduces manufacturing to shelf delivery time, and excess inventory that reduces associated inventory costs. As Just-in-Time (JIT) and Six Sigma methods influence the entire supply chain, there are points of weakness that security can address. Theft of inventory in transit or at the factory has a much more significant impact on JIT manufacturers. Smaller cashes of inventory need to be protected more consciously.



ZKTeco weatherproof video and access control solutions that meet IP66 and IP65 ratings provide the durable security tools to ensure receiving of inventory is properly accessed and recorded from common carriers to receiving docks. Control from property line to accepting a bill of lading. General inventory is different than high value key components and is typically stored differently. High value inventory, including controlled substances, must be controlled and documented more closely to meet compliance requirements. Biometrics, either stand-alone or as part of a larger system, provides flexibility and cost effectiveness and is addressed by ZKTeco inBio series readers as well as ZKTeco Network Video products.
ZKTeco portable time clock S922 that satisfy GPRS and IP65 ratings offers an ideal solution for mobile workforce management especially on remote sites.


• Inventory availability for JIT for manufacturing
• Protecting critical, high value inventory components
• Theft audit trail documentation
• Training of operation and security staffs
• Access control validation for transportation chain
• Establishing supply chain security processes



• Innovative and effective physicalsecurity solutions
• Validation of access procedures and identity
• Tighter control of in-factory warehousing, shipping and receiving security
• Higher level of biometric access control for security of high value inventory
• Network centric high quality video, access control and system management