Make an Educated Choice in Security Solutions

This is a growing market. Security incidents in schools grab the headlines, emotions and budget allocations. How to address security concerns leaves room for many opinions and strategies. Relationship selling past experience with school districts and government sourcing requirements make this opportunity a complex environment to grow your business. The key stakeholders for K-12 schools include school district management, parents, police and the students being impacted. Finding funding and getting more "bang for the buck" with innovative security solutions will separate you from a low price RFP market. Offering an alternative bid to what is specified and that offers more value is a smart business decision. Consider ZKTeco as a partner.


• Phased conversion or expansion of security program 
• Cost effective access control and time attendance solutions 
• Teacher Student Roster Verification System 
• Streamline access control processes for enrollment and record keeping 
• Validated entry control The C-3 access control product line provides cost effective legacy migration for existing, older   facilities that want to deploy ID access control measures to ensure visual credentials for authorized with access and have limited budgets for security needs. 


• Availability of funding for security 
• Legacy security systems 
• Physical building limitations 
• Developing clear leadership consensus 
• Diverse group of stakeholders 
• Political realities of doing business 


• Innovative approach to problem solving
• Better control of authorized access to property
• Improved video surveillance of exterior and interior spaces
• Phased conversion or expansion of security program
• Cost effective access control solutions
• Streamline access control processes for enrollment and record keeping
• Validated entry control